Network Design

network-design-icon Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one, or simply adding a new application, Kinetic Networking provides quality end-to-end service that effectively meets business objectives and provides quality post-project support services - ensuring the new network is ready when you are ready.

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Design Phase

Kinetic Networking will consult with you to analyze your individual needs and design a personalized comprehensive solution. Our certified systems engineers and skilled support staff apply industry Best Practices designed to increase network optimization and maximize your organization’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We design your network with plenty of room for future growth, enabling you to utilize the network effectively as you grow and expand your business.


Implementation Phase

In this phase, the network design we created for your growing business is configured, installed, and tested to ensure it meets your needs. Together with your personnel, Kinetic Networking’s highly qualified engineers implement your network from end-to-end. Project managers oversee the project from start to finish and document our results for ease of management.


Support Phase

Additionally, Kinetic Networking provides top-tier, ongoing support once your new network is in place. From Managed Services and Enterprise Support, to Remote Network Monitoring and High Availability, we offer a wide array of custom support services designed to ensure optimal performance for your network.


Network Specialty Services 

Kinetic Networking can fulfill your most ambitious networking objectives. Specialty services include:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) - Local Area Network Analysis (routing, switching, security and voice), Microsoft and Cisco Consulting / Design, Implementation Services, Network Diagnosis, Network Management, and Network Administration.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) - Wide Area Network Analysis (routing and WAN optimization), Cisco Consulting / Design, WAN Hardware, Voice over IP / Frame Relay / MPLS / DSL, Interconnectivity Hardware, and more.
  • Microsoft Networks - Active Directory and Exchange Migrations, Microsoft Systems Center, Terminal Services / Citrix Thin Client, SQL, and more.
  • Remote Network Monitoring - Kinetic Networking can monitor your network 24×7×365 with our managed help desk solution. When a fault occurs you are notified and our certified engineers quickly assist in problem resolution.

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