Wireless Security

secure-wireless-icon  Your employees need mobility and Kinetic Networking can deliver just that. Our wireless LAN solutions meet a variety of demands and now you can get security, high-level network performance, and end-to-end reliability, all in a single, scalable, turnkey solution.

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Go wireless today with the industry’s most advanced WLAN solutions. Benefits include:

  • Next Generation Wireless Networking - Greater throughput, reliability and predictability for pervasive wireless networks with 802.11n and extended wireless coverage with enterprise wireless mesh.
  • Simplified Migration to Secure Wireless Networks - Migrate your WLAN to deliver cost effective, secure wireless access for business-critical mobility.
  • Guest Access - Maintain the security of your internal network while providing a convenient, cost-effective way to offer guests wired and wireless access.
  • Location Solutions - Monitor and optimize business processes through real-time Wi-Fi device tracking to deliver location-based security, high-value asset tracking, and business policy enforcement.
  • Wireless Network Security - Advanced security, intrusion prevention, and network access control helps ensure that data will remain private and secure - and that your network will be protected from unauthorized access.
  • Voice-Ready Wireless - Enhance productivity and improve communications using voice over a wireless LAN.


End-to-End WLAN Solutions

Avoid unnecessary costs, deployment delays, and tedious learning curves with our complete end-to-end WLAN solutions.

  • Pre-assessment and wireless LAN site analysis, design creation, and maintenance.
  • Implementation and management hardware procurement and deployment, ongoing wireless network management, and performance reporting / maintenance.
  • Security review, implementation, and authentication.
  • Maintenance and problem resolution upgrades, consistent and coordinated detection, resolution and remediation, and proactive SLA notification.

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