Hosted E-Mail

email-icon   Today's business world is predicated on instant, secure communications. Zimbra hosted email is a scalable, easily implemented, and secure solution for business email that provides the functionality you have come to expect and the ease-of-use that makes other expensive and bloated software seem appealing.

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Your Hosted Email Solution

Kinetic Networking offers hosted email with Zimbra, a Microsoft Exchange replacement which offers more functionality, less maintenance, and a lower cost. Zimbra provides feature rich email, contacts, invite features, and group calendaring, ensuring your organization is up to date on all important tasks and milestones.


Zimbra is a next-generation collaboration server built on open standards and technologies providing outstanding overall organizational flexibility and simplicity with integrated email, contacts, calendaring, sharing, and document management features. This flexibility extends to per-user scalability and overall total cost-of-ownership, and includes enhanced mobility through desktop synchronization to users on any computer.



Your email can be set up as cloud and virtualization infrastructure, allowing your teams to proactively collaborate on issues in real-time versus reacting to emerging problems. Project and task tracking is also made easier as you can customize access to these features to include as many or as few users as necessary.


Part of the strength behind Zimbra is the ability easily utilize it on varying scales and with numerous applications. Zimbra offers email tagging, conversation views, and fast search options which help make email manageable, while personal and global address lists can quickly and easily be shared across the entire organization.  Personal and group calendars can be developed with global free-busy times, yet still maintain Microsoft Exchange interoperability. Utilize Desktop Sync with any email client like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or even maximize productivity with Zimbra Desktop.



With Zimbra, compliance issues are a thing of the past as it uses an integrated, simple to use, and cost-effective email compliance functionality that is built right in. Administration is made simple through use of an AJAX web interface and command line tools, plus delegated access.



In addition, Zimbra Mobile enables two-way, over-the-air synchronization of mail, contacts, and calendar data between mobile devices and the Zimbra server, ensuring you will never again have to physically link your computer and phone.

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