Kinetic Virtual Helpdesk

helpdesk-icon  Simplify your organization’s technologies and eliminate the chaos that often exists in many IT environments by utilizing Kinetic Networking’s Virtual HelpDesk technology. Our Virtual HelpDesk gives your organization personalized, expert support for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time IT staff.

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For Your Desktops

Kinetic Networking has numerous methods of supporting your desktops that not only provide security and ease of use, but peace of mind for you and your representatives.

Unlimited HelpDesk Support

Our HelpDesk support provides individualized user attention for of all your business needs including printing, Microsoft Office applications, E-mail, Internet access, Windows questions, PDA synchronization, and hardware troubleshooting from 8:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST.

Daily Log Monitoring

To ensure maximum system up-time and useability, our staff will continually monitor your system logs on a daily basis to ensure peak performance.


Kinetic will assist your organization in completing an extensive computer hardware and software inventory.

Hardware / Software Change Notification

Receive notifications from our staff if new hardware or software is installed on your machines.

Spyware Management

Our trained engineers can deploy and run spyware management software on all PCs in your environment, decreasing the amount of time you have to spend manually removing spyware from your machines.

Remote Control

Kinetic Networking can reach your computers remotely anywhere in the world, securely and safely. We can access PCs and Laptops behind firewalls and NAT without port mapping or infrastructure changes.

Application Deployment

Tired of running from PC to PC installing the latest updates to your applications? Our Virtual Help-desk solution can help you complete software installations and updates organization-wide with the click of a mouse.

Windows Security Patch Management

Schedule security patch scans, patch deployment, and history with the click of a mouse. Our service offers fully automated patch management that is scalable, secure, configurable, and location independent.

Individual Remote Access

Today’s business world is infinitely mobile, but sometimes you still need access to a file on your work machine. With our remote access service, you can reach your work machine from outside of the office with the same security encryption as our other program features.

For Your Servers

Kinetic Virtual HelpDesk for Server comes with all of the same features of the Desktop version, plus...

Service Monitoring

Critical network services monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week to avoid disruption and business loss due to downtime.

Backup Monitoring

Kinetic Networking engineers will monitor and determine if backups for your network are functioning properly and make the necessary corrections if they are not.

Network Maintenance

Maintaining a network is often a large resource drain for internal IT departments. Let our qualified technicians maintain your network, handling the sometimes tedious tasks of changing user accounts, resetting passwords, and modifying your Group Policy all based on the changes in your individual environment.

Enhanced Patch Management

In addition to maintaining the network, we also offer fully automated patch management for all of your Windows, SQL, and Exchange Servers.

Virus Definition Management

In today's virtual environment, viruses are a constant threat to the stability and profitability of your company. Let us make sure your server’s virus patterns are updating properly and deploying to your organization to ensure long-term viability.

Maximum Security

Our encrypted communication uses 256-bit RC4 with rolling keys, leaving no open ports or plain-text data packets on the network for hackers to exploit.

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