SPAM Filtering

spam-icon  Filter out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your network, by routing inbound and outbound email through our data centers and activating robust security policies that keep your organization secure.

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SPAM Filtering, BEFORE it hits your Inbox

Traditional network based SPAM filters operate on the guise that unimportant emails can be easily filtered once they have entered your messaging system. However this utilizes resources and fills your SPAM folder quickly and needlessly. Leveraging the power of Google's Postini product, Kinetic Networking provides an efficient solution to your SPAM problems. Considered a "best in breed" solution, Cloud SPAM filtering is fast becoming the wave of the future in terms of ridding your Inbox of unwanted email.


How it Works

SPAM filtering within the Cloud is fairly simple. Your company either continues to host its own messaging servers or utilizes one of Kinetic Networking's cost effective hosting solutions. Your incoming mail is then routed through our datacenters to be scrubbed of SPAM prior to arriving on the servers, freeing up resources, space, and effectively increasing the efficiency of your system. Think of this as filling a "remote SPAM folder" that you never have to see or clean. Our remote SPAM filtering service is constantly updated and maintains the utmost in antivirus protection / monitoring.


Administrative Console Message Center

Stop SPAM, viruses, phishing, denial of service (DoS), directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other attacks from disrupting your systems. Ensure no delays, message loss, or disruptions to email service with our patented real-time, pass-through architecture that allows end users to manage their own SPAM in an efficient manner.

End-user Interface

Kinetic Networking’s end user interface allows the creation of content-based policies for inbound and outbound traffic, including pre-defined lexicons for social security and credit card numbers. This offers you and your customers peace of mind and guarantees that personal information and important security guidelines will be maintained.

Guaranteed Email Arrival

Tired of losing emails or not being sure about the delivery of business-critical messages? Our service offers encrypted domain-to-domain messaging using standard SSL or TLS protocols to guarantee all of your emails are delivered safely.

More Encryption Options

Enable directory synchronization with your LDAP user data to ensure new users are automatically provisioned, realizing 99.999% availability for message processing and the capacity to handle billions of transactions a day.

Rapid Deployment and Effortless Maintenance

Our solutions implement quickly, with no hardware or software to install. Updates are released automatically at no additional cost and with no installation effort required.

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